As a young child I felt the presence of a god, but soon learned it was tabu to talk about. My religion did not afford me the opportunity to hear the words of God in English. I never understood my religion, but instead embraced its traditions.

Later in life, as I learned more about organized religion, I realize that it did not resonate with me. The Higher Power I was connecting to (God) was all love, light and tolerance. I felt comfort when I connected with him/her and had faith that if I listened, I would be guided to be a better person.

The more spiritual I became, the more I kept it a secret, except in the safe community where I could say my truth.

So, I created this group. My Spiritual Journey is a place people can feel free to share their “God Shots” and gratitude for their spiritual practice. There are a few rules:

1. It is not meant to be a place to preach or try to convert others.

2. It is a sacred place to share spiritual experience, strength and hope.

3. We do not comment on each others beliefs except to share how we identify with their experience, how it touches us, or what we learned from the sharing.

4. You are free to share your experiences with any and all Higher Powers, Gods, Goddesses, Spirit, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mother Earth, Gaia, Buddha, Adonai, Yahweh or whatever name or symbol you use to connect to your Higher Power.

I am a Spiritual Coach, helping people connect with their spirituality so they can use their inner guidance in their lives to grow and help others. I want this to be a safe place to share your prayers, gratitude, spiritual blessings and gifts and request for prayers.

I reserve the right to delete posts that are negative, disparaging, that proselytizes or that attacks any ones faith.

Please join me on My Spiritual Journey