21-Days of Accountability in 2021

Are you sick and tired of breaking your New Year’s Resolutions? I know I am. In fact, I stopped making resolutions years ago when I realized I never keep them.  I decided to change my habits and patterns for good so they never appear on a to-do list on January 1st again. Now, I live each day in alignment with my values and I don’t have to make resolutions that I am bound to break. 

Changing habits and patterns take time and effort. Simply resolving to do it never got me anywhere. What I know from being a Life and Spiritual Coach is that people most often need some kind of accountability, whether it be to themselves or to another person if they are to make permanent changes in their life. The permanent change also comes from setting realistic goals, achieving the goals, and staying motivated. 

My life used to be about broken promises — promises I made to myself to live a better life, and I broke them over and over again until I learned how to set and achieve my goals, clear my blocks and fears, and eventually change my life. 

I am now a Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Coach, having received my training at Life Purpose Institute. For more than 20 years, I have mentored people with food addictions; and I’ve been a frequent Life Coaching guest on KPOV 88.9 radio in Bend, Oregon where currently I live (when not in Guanajuato).

So you can get the benefit of what I learned, I created the 21 Days of Accountability, a 21-day program of daily check-ins – to help you get the support and the Life Coaching you need to set and reach your goals this year. 

Whether your goals are to write that book, lose weight, change careers or create a personal life balance that works for you, I want to help you get there, to live the life you’ve imagined. 

We’ll connect 10 minutes each day, so you can update your progress, reset your goals, and stay motivated by learning powerful Life Coaching tips I use in my practice.

Please join me starting January 1 at 6 pm PST and each night thereafter for 21 days. Space is limited so sign up today and pledge to give up New Year’s resolutions for good. The cost is just $21 for the full program. Sign up online or email me at coach@jacquieelliottclc.com