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Mamahood After Trauma Podcast

Being a mama after trauma is hard! Put your anxiety to bed with these 5 simple steps! Watch this podcast.

Phantom Electric Ghost Interviews Jacquie Elliott

Unravel the intricate web of Abusive Brain Chatter in this eye-opening podcast journey through the ABC's of self-awareness and empowerment.

Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino

“I was a victim, I thought that was my role.” -Jacquie Elliott before she learned that she could choose her role. Listen and explore how she made that life-changing, mental shift.

The ABCs of Abusive Brain Chatter and how you can deal with it

In this video, we understand from Jacquie Elliott, Motivational Speaker, and Certified Life, Spiritual, and Relationship Coach all about Abusive Brain Chatter and how to deal with it. And more!

How to heal from your Abusive Brain Chatter.

Jacquie Elliott is a guest on The Journey to Becoming with Sebine Gedeon. She shares the struggles of her past and the pivotal moment when she decided to change her life.

1 Minute focus

Jacquie speaks on Perspective and how our thoughts can and will affect us. Join her as she guides the steps you can take to make a positive change in your life.

Life Coaching

Many have wondered, “what is life coaching and how is it different from therapy?” In this video, Jacquie gives us the answer and reveals the benefits of Life coaching and what it can mean for you.

Brain Chatter

How our critical self-talk and fear can hold us back from our achieving our dreams. Jacquie teaches the ABC’s of abusive brain chatter, what it means, and how to turn the negative into a positive.

Candid, with Jacquie

An interview with Jacquie Elliott on the Candid show with Emmi. Jacquie talks about her past relationships and how addiction affected her life. She also discussed how she was able to realize she needed to break free!

3 Minute Deep Meditation

A powerful meditation that you can do in the comfort of your own home and expertly guided. Take a few moments to focus on yourself and learn to manifest your dreams.

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