When I plan my retreats, I want participants to have a transformative experience. To that end, I use a variety of exercises to reach mind, body and spirit. Some people respond to journaling, or guided meditations, or the uplifting nature of the cacao ceremony, but my favorite activity is the Energy Move-and Groove. 

Energy Move-and-Groove, sometimes called Chakra flow or dance, is a form of expressive dance, designed to activate and balance the body’s energy centers (Chakras).

While wearing a blindfold, so participants can feel free to truly express themselves, rhythmic music is played, and you move your body while being prompted to focus on a particular chakra. A flow of energy begins to move to that part of the body as you visualize color and light swirling in that chakra center. 

Using movement, and sound, you tap into emotions that may have you stuck and after a while they unblock for a greater sense of emotional balance. 

Remember turning on music when you were a child and just allowing it to take you? The sense of peace you had as you twirled around uninhibited is the sense of well-being you can feel while doing Energy Move-and -Groove.  

    In addition to being a tool for physical fitness, the flowing and rhythmic movements can reduce stress. Combining dance and music and chakra work gives you an opportunity to let go and find joy through movement.  

By engaging with your energy centers and intentionally directing your focus and attention, you can deepen your spiritual connection and connect to something greater than yourself. 

It’s fun and the blindfold makes it even more powerful. I offer this at my mini-retreats as well.