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I’m Jacquie Elliott-Certified Life, Relationship and Spiritual Coach.

Trust me to guide you through change and embrace the life you deserve! Over 29 years ago, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and love, transforming my life and finding my purpose.

In 1994, a spiritual awakening set me on a path of transformation. I built a successful business, prioritized fulfilling relationships, and pursued education in my 60s to become a certified Life, Relationship, and Spiritual Coach. Coaching is my true purpose, and through retreats and workshops, I help others uncover their true selves and break free from limiting beliefs. Join my mailing list for updates on my upcoming book, "Healing Abusive Brain Chatter." Together, let's embrace growth and wisdom for a fulfilling life.

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I am a Certified Life, Spiritual & Relationship Coach and Motivational Speaker

Life coaching is about empowering you to unleash your potential. With my support and guidance you will achieve meaningful goals and work through blocks that hold you back. Other types of coaching I offer are….

Relationship Coaching

Learn to ask for what you need from your partner and create healthy and loving boundaries. Get clear on who you are and what you want from a partner, friend or family. LGBTQ friendly.

Abusive Brain Chatter Coaching

Examine and challenge core beliefs that hold you back, and release your inner emotional bully, while embracing a kinder inner voice.

Spiritual Coaching

Using powerful tools and meditation, I guide you to your inner wisdom on your transformative journey to spiritual awakening. Discover your life purpose and find joy and serenity.


Retreats are transformative. Join me at my in person or online retreats. Find your inner wisdom, spirituality, and life purpose.

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Workshops and Retreats

Retreats & workshops to help get you there faster.

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Who needs coaching

5 signs you need spiritual coaching see below

Are you feeling stuck in your personal growth journey and seeking a deeper sense of purpose?
Here are five signs that you might benefit from the guidance of a spiritual coach:

1. **Lack of Clarity**: If you find yourself grappling with questions about your life’s purpose, values, or the direction you should take, a spiritual coach can help you gain clarity and align your actions with your inner values.

2. **Feeling Disconnected**: If you’re experiencing a sense of disconnection from yourself, others, or the world around you, a spiritual coach can assist you in exploring practices that promote self-awareness, mindfulness, and a greater sense of connection.

3. **Repetitive Patterns**: If you notice repeating patterns in your thoughts, behaviors, or relationships that are holding you back, a spiritual coach can help you identify these patterns and provide tools to break free from them.

4. **Inner Conflict**: Struggling with inner conflicts, doubts, or limiting beliefs that hinder your growth? A spiritual coach can guide you in addressing these challenges and developing a more compassionate and empowering mindset.

5. **Seeking Fulfillment**: If you’re seeking a deeper sense of fulfillment and meaning in your life, a spiritual coach can support you in exploring your spiritual beliefs, values, and practices that align with your authentic self.

As a spiritual coach I provide a supportive and nonjudgmental space for you to explore these areas, offering guidance, tools, meditations and insights to help you navigate your journey toward self-discovery, growth, and spiritual well-being.

Jacquie, this retreat was so IMPACTFUL! I feel like I am in a new place with my spirituality.

~ Stephanie, Oregon


The Process

A transparent and easy process.

Life and Spiritual coaching isn’t right for everyone. You have to be ready to do the work and make the changes in your life.

Talk to me first

Set up a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your issues, how I can help you, and if coaching is right for you. I’ll answer all your questions about the process. If you choose to proceed, I will then send you a questionnaire to complete.

Our initial meeting

Coaching is a process. During our initial meeting, we’ll determine how many sessions you will need to make meaningful progress towards your goals. After your initial package, you can then purchase additional sessions as needed to continue the coaching journey. This way, we can tailor the coaching experience to best suit your unique needs and ensure your ongoing growth and development.

Your path to change begins

Schedule an appointment for a 90-minute Discovery Session. During this session, we will go over your questionnaire and set goals for our work together, ensuring that you get what you need from each session.

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